mDavar version 3 (beta)

Around 2004 we published mDavar 2.0 - HEBREW DICTIONARY FOR TELEPHONE. It was written in Java and worked well even on slow phones (e.g. Siemens M55) with many thousands of words in the dictionary.

Now, in the age of Android, this project has been reopened, rewritten and the "pocket Hebrew dictionary" is more friendly. Since current phones have many GB of memory space, mDavar offers all the dictionaries available in Davar4 in one application.

It is time, after a lot of work and time passed to welcome you to try upcoming mDavar3 Android version of Hebrew Dictionary for phone.


UPDATE: Davar4 version 4.0.2 released!

Fixed problems in searching in Deuterocanonical books - buffer overflow bug. This resulted in bad coloring of results and unstability of program, in some special modules (e.g. released JB2012 module).
Recommended update:
If you want to keep all Davar4 settings: Backup your davar.cfg file first. It is typically placed in \ProgramData\Davar4\ folder.
Then uninstall Davar4 - in dialog of uninstallation leave UNCHECKED options to Uninstall modules (and optionaly pictures and audio). Your modules will not be uninstalled.
Then install new version of Davar4 from installation file.
Optionally, replace installed davar.cfg by the file from your backup.

UPDATE: Davar4 version 4.0.1 released!

Fixed buffer overflow bug, which caused program crash with some tagged modules (e.g. upcoming JB2012 module).

NEW: Davar4 final version released!

You can download final version of Davar4. Some minor bugs were fixed. You can read online manual for program in Czech and English. Enjoy final release! If you like Davar4, you can consired to support development.

NEW: 38 new modules for Davar4 released

While Davar4 is still fixed and tuned, new modules were released. Lot of books in various languages (and one Czech module of writings) are ready for download. We recommend to use Download Manager tab in Library manager menu and sort modules by date of release. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Davar4 beta 3 released!

Davar4 beta3 is ready for download. This version change installation paths to meet Windows 10 specification. Program files are (by default) installed to \ProgramFiles\ folder. All data files, configurations and temporary files are installed to \ProgramData\Davar4\ folder.

LIST OF CHANGES: * installation program separates program files and program data. You can still create portable version by copying of all files and folders to one directory and also to flash disk. Important is to have full access rights. Read more in Davar4 help.
* help files in English and Czech languages. With lot of pictures and examples. Included MDK tutorials for users, who want to create own modules, with detailed examples.
* layouts. User can save up to 10 layouts of main program window with opened child windows with modules and quickly switch between them. For example OT study, NT study, lexicons etc.
* lot of fixes. Compatibility problems with Windows10, scrolling of texts, fix paths for exporting of modules, fix keyboard layout switch, drag and drop module from tree will not change layouts, character table fix for different window screen resolutions and many other fixes were applied to D4 beta3.


UPDATE: Davar4 beta2 released!

Davar4 beta2 is ready for download. Here is list of main changes in this version:

NEW: * installation program on the base of NSIS installer (with own modifications)
(for linux/wine users, simple zip package is also available)
* modules used for context tip preview can be closed (text is loaded on background)
* download manager for modules was improved. Now you can get + install ALL module files, include picture packs, audio, PDFs etc.. ( small disadvantage - there is no info about updates of this zip packs unlike common modules)
* download manager now can sort available modules according date of release, language and module name, by single click in the heading
* zoom of window content is now global or local. Toolbar has now button where you switch if want to use global zoom (button pressed) or local (button released)
* book compare mode is now with auto - scroll when compare long texts
* tablet version - move in history is available by double finger click in left/right part of window

FIXED: * selection of font in options dialog, especially on windows XP
* sizes of scrolls in various windows
* resize of all windows according zoom value was rewritten
* label of context tips showed bad reference, in some cases
* history for some special modules with external references fixed
* Polish and Dutch localization included, thanks folks!
* ...and many other bugs was fixed, too long to list


Welcome to new Davar homepage!

Davar4 is scriptures study tool. You can browse texts, compare and search in user friendly interface. If you prefer to work with original languages as Hebrew and Greek, you can use dictionaries and lexicons. You can open also commentaries and references for deep study of texts. If you need, you can create own notes. Some texts are available as audio narration and you can read and hear together. A lot of pictures, maps, charts and photos can be opened. If you have tablet with MS Windows, program can be switched to tablet mode and use gestures. Advanced users can create own modules for program using MDK tools.

After release of Davar3 (2008) and some program updates, decision was made to rewrite all program. Main reason was missing Unicode support in Davar3 and thus serious problems to display some texts (Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc). Another reason was to abandon own (opened) file formats of modules, learn SQLite3 and profit from SQL database - add/edit/delete records is very easy to implement.

In present, Davar4 is well stable and tested piece of software, coming out of alpha-version testing. There are still not finished features and things, which needs to be polished. But according our and tester's experiences, it can offer more features than (unsupported) Davar3 version.

It is time, after a lot of work and time passed to welcome you to try upcoming Davar4 version.