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Playing Audio (Play Indexed MP3 files)

Menu: Open AIX module:
Multimedia | Open audio index > (select AIX)
Menu Multimedia commands:
Play: Autoplay on/off
Pause: Pause verse on/off
Stop: Stop playing verse
Rewind: Previous verse
Fast Forward: Next verse
Library tree: Open AIX module:
Double click to selected AIX module in the Audio folder
Toolbar Icons:
Sound (on/off)/Play/Pause/Stop/Rew/FF

Davar4 can play sound (narration) synchronized with book verses. The Program needs two files: An audio file (MP3) and an audio index (AIX).


You must open the Audio Index File (AIX) which contains the references to all MP3 files and the positions in the files which are aligned with the book verses. The MP3 files are then opened and closed automatically according to the book verses to play.

After an AIX file is opened, you must also open the book or books which cover the range of verses in the AIX file. For example, when you open the BHS audio index, then you must also open the Biblia Hebraica book. You can also open other book(s) which have verses in the range and the order of the BHS AIX file (Old Testament).

There are two play modes:

1) Manual play. When the "speaker" button on the toolbar is pressed, the program will play the MP3 sound for each verse, as you browse the book(s). If you need to replay any of the verses in a book, click the scroll bar slider (but do not move it).

2) Automatic play. When the "play" button on the toolbar is pressed, it will also set the "speaker" button to 'on' and will start to autoplay the MP3 file from that position. If you need to stop playing the file, press the "stop" button on the toolbar.

Information for advanced users:

  • For audio features, Davar4 uses fmod.dll library. This file must be present in the same directory, as the executable file.
  • You can create your own Audio Index Files by playing an MP3 file and do a manual division of verses. For more information, look under Audio (Indexing of of Audio Files).
  • AIX files are stored in Davar4 \audio\ folder (e.g. C:\ProgramData\Davar4\audio), for example, bhs.aix file. MP3 files are located in subfolder of same name, as AIX file. In this example, in \audio\bhs\ folder.