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Basic info about Module Development Kit (MDK)

MDK is a set of programs for conversion of input text data to binary module files for Davar4.

You need to select MDK in installation. All files will be installed in \mdk\ subfolder of main Davar4 directory.


MDK consists of several programs:


Each of programs needs two text input files. Both must be encoded in UTF-8 encoding and without Byte Order Mark (BOM):

info.txt - text file, where are presented various information about created module. For example description of module, copyright info, language of module, list of used tags and other information.

data.txt - text file where is text of module presented. It can be either plain text or it can contain some extra information in the form of TAGS. For example Strong# H403 is inserted as |RH403|Rh into text.


It is upon creator of module to prepare both text files for conversion. While info.txt is easy to modify from existing modules, preparation of data.txt is more demanding, especially when you want a insert a lot of TAGS.


Recommended tools you can use for work with MDK:



Structure of MDK folder

If you installed MDK (typically in \ProgramData\Davar4\mdk\), you will see following structure:


1. Folders with individual programs and sqlite3.dll where necessary. You can copy appropriate info.txt and data.txt into folder and run exe file to create module.







2. Folders with examples, all files prepared, you need just run exe file:

Example1 - KJV+ as DBK

Example2 - LXX+ as DBK

Example3 - HE-EN dictionary as DIC

Example4 - STRIPD_HE as DWR

Example5 - Imitation of Christ as DWR text

Example6 - Thompson Chain Topics as LEX


3. Specifications of all module files, list of tags, morphology encodings etc...



4. Short readme file



5. Zipped source files for all convertors, written in C. You can compile in any ANSI C compiler. All executables in MDK were compiled in GCC, in Code::Blocks opensource IDE.